Tareq Habib Photography

One of a kind B&W portrait that reflects your true personality

What I Do

Hello and welcome. I am Tareq, a portrait photographer, who works mainly with a large format film camera in B&W. Film especially large format 4X5 film has a unique look that you cannot achieve with any other format. The cameras I use are vintage, one of them is almost 80 years old. These cameras require me to plan a shoot meticulously before I press the shutter. Unlike digital cameras, 4X5 cameras are fully analog, which means everything has to be set manually to take a picture.



A portrait session usually takes 60 minutes. It starts with a conversation to get to know the subject, preferably at their familiar environment, while photo equipment is being setup. I take 4-6 shots on each session of which I select 1 photo.


My Work

Here are the samples of my work. These are all shot with a Graflex Crown Graphic 4X5 film camera. No retouching other than spot removal has been done to retain the authenticity of the portraits.

Say Hello.

Please send me a short message regarding a session and booking availability or any other questions you may have. For my other work click Here